My Vision.

That's Football is a mentoring program helping athletes transition into and out of professional sport. 

My Mission.

Help prepare athletes for what it takes to be professional;

Create an overall wellbeing for athletes;

Change the perception that being professional is about earning as much as you can for as long as you can.


Mentoring Off-Field.

Presentations for Schools, Clubs and Corporate Events on:

  1. Goal Setting

  2. Leadership

  3. Learning From Failure

  4. Mental Health

  5. Mental Toughness

Mentoring On-Field.

Qualified Degree in Human Movement Science

  • Pre-habilitation

  • Plyometric training

  • Gym / Strength conditioning

  • Recovery

  • Athlete data monitoring: Wellness & Recovery measures

Qualified AFC B-Licence Coach

  • General coaching

  • Specialised coaching clinics

  • Specific positional training


From $500 for a single mentoring session.

From $1200 for a 6-week mentoring program.

Please note that 1 mentoring session is approximately 90 minutes and that the price may vary depending on the total numbers.