My Vision.

That's Football is a mentoring company that aims to help athletes transition into and out of professional sport. 

My Mission.

Help prepare athletes for what it takes to be professional.

Create a networking platform for these athletes.

Change the perception that being professional is about earning as much as you can and playing for as long as you can.



Mentoring On Field.

Michael has completed a Bachelor of Human Movement Science and is an accredited AFC B-Licence coach. He also currently holds a Positive Notice Blue Card.



General coaching

Specialised coaching clinics

Specific positional training

Human Movement Science


Warm-up / Cool-down

Recovery: Ice baths, Compression & Compex machine

Plyometric training

Gym / Strength conditioning

Athlete data monitoring: Smarter base, Wellness & Recovery measures



Mentoring Off Field.

Keynote Presentations

Michael's talks call upon his years becoming and performing as an elite athlete and cover:

Goal setting (purpose)

Leadership (winning culture) 

Failure (learning)

Mental Health (anxiety)

Mental Toughness (resilience)

These motivational talks are suitable for schools, clubs, corporate office, events and media settings. 

Balancing life and sport

Having secured contracts all around Australia, in Europe and Asia, Michael knows and intimately understands the challenges of balancing your career, performance and life. With a wife and young family based on the Gold Coast, he's had to spend years juggling his football schedule with that of his family and formulate a career path that would allow him to spend more time at home. 

Transition and the real world

Throughout a professional sporting career, there will be ups and downs, highs and lows, contracts won and lost, matches won and lost. Knowing your value and knowing when and how to transition is key to minimising the lows and leveraging the highs. Whether you're looking to secure your first professional contract or wrapping up your last, Michael offers mentoring sessions to make the most out of every opportunity.